The planet of Katzan. Primal and advanced in one. The people look like they should be wild beasts that roam the grasslands, jungles, forests, and mountains. But, they are sophisticated, technologically advanced, and capable. War has broken out between the Simba Nation and the United Lands of the Mpya Paka, so fierce that a world-wide war looks to be unavoidable. Alliances are being made, those who are Mpya Paka who live with and stand by the Simba are conflicted as are Simba who live with and stand beside the Mpya Paka. After a scientific exploration team found a mass relay on the edge of the galaxy, the war has been resolved. A very lucky team has been sent to make first contact to the new races on the other side of the relay. Who is this team? YOU!

Year: (relative to earth) 2185 A.D.

(Characters can change or players can now play multiple characters since more races will be available and possibly come aboard. Please email or message me if you plan to do either of these or need help converting your character to the Buffy system.)

Reapers Exist

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