Commander Ajali Moyokumi

A Commander in the Simba Nation Navy and brother to Safi



Awareness: 3

Coordination: 4

Ingenuity: 2

Presence: 5

Resolve: 3

Strength: 6





Keen Senses-2

Quick Reflexes-1


Experinced x2



By The Book-1







Athletics: 3 (Expertise in Jumping)

Convince: 4

Fighting: 3

Knowledge: 2

Marksman: 4 (Expertise in Pistols)

Subterfuge: 2

Survival: 3

Home Tech Level: 7

Story Points: 6


His mother named him Ajali, which means “Destiny” because she had high hopes for her only son. His surname was given to him and his siblings because of his mother’s chosen destiny of gardening-Mayokumi, which means “Heart-wood.” He had three sisters. His sisters names were Adhra, “Apology,” Safi, “Pure,” and Firdwasi, “Garden of Paradise.” Ajali’s mother, Amali, or “Hope,” had chosen her destiny in the cycle of life and energy to be a caretaker of her children and one of the gardeners of the pride. His father, Kafil, or “Protector,” had chosen the destiny of a fighter for the military, specifically in the Navy. Now Kafil is a major political figure for the Simba Nation. From the time he was very young he was jealous of the attention his sister got from their father. Ajali was supposed to be the only one with a masculine destiny, and then his father favored Safi. From childhood, Ajali felt a need to compete with Safi to win their father’s approval. When he was about 15 years old his sister, Adhra, went to a secret party with her lover and was killed by a jealous male that got into an argument with his sister’s lover. The death of his sister drove Safi to be more determined, and in turn made Ajali work harder as well. When he was of age to enroll in boot camp for the Navy, he did. Ajali was very well liked by many of his peers, so he had many friends. Ajali met his first love in boot camp and they became very close. After he and his fellow grunts graduated from boot camp there was a huge party thrown. Ajali drank, danced, and had a wonderful time with his love and planned on asking her to marry him that night. He was being cocky, and being drunk he smarted off about Safi, saying “She should be no sister of mine! She soils our family name with her impure choice of destiny. She should go feed a cub and be happy!” All of a sudden Safi attacked him. Everyone was too drunk, stoned, or shocked to realize that Safi and her brother were fighting until it was too late. Safi had a missing eye (later replaced with the blue cybernetic) and he had multiple deep gashes on his face. Ajali nearly bled to death, but was rushed to the E.R. in time. He now has multiple large scars on his face. His love showed up and he was going to propose to her, but in disgust, she broke off their relationship then and there. Heart-broken and severely scarred physically and emotionally, Ajali returned his focus to his sibling rivalry with his sister. Ajali and his sister both continue their rivalry, always making promotions a competition between the two of them. Currently Safi is a Captain and Ajali is a Commander, meaning that Safi is currently winning her rivalry with her brother.

Commander Ajali Moyokumi

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